How Digital Business Cards can be a Sustainable Networking Alternative



7.2 million trees are cut down every single year to provide paper for business cards. Not only this, but 88% of all business cards are discarded within a week. That would mean that about 6.3 million trees are cut down, only to be chucked in office trash cans or tossed unceremoniously on the roadside. This behavior comes at a huge cost to our environment. Only if we make more responsible choices, can we save 6.3 million trees, and the animals, livelihoods and ecosystems that depend on them. This means that the way in which we network must change drastically, from physical to digital. Here’s why going digital with your networking will save the environment.


  1. You save trees.

It comes as no surprise that the production of paper cards comes at the expense of millions of trees each year. Digital cards require cause no such environmental atrocities. Zero trees are cut to produce the digital card, and just like that – you’ve saved millions of life-giving trees. By doing digital, you reduce your carbon footprint, and spread your digital wings.


  1. Reduce waste

Traditional business cards account for massive amounts of paper waste each year, with almost 9 in 10 cards being discarded almost immediately as they cause too much physical clutter. Most of these discarded cards never see a recycling bin, causing them to contribute to the global waste problem. Going digital ensures that contacts are saved digitally, drastically reducing the amount of paper waste generated while also ensuring that your contacts never get discarded.


  1. Our Touch Digital Cards are made with utmost consideration to the environment.

Making environmentally friendly products is our utmost priority. All our cards are made to be, reducing waste in the short run. We ensure that the materials used in the card and its packaging are fully recyclable, so that you can network extensively with minimal environmental guilt.


Saving the planet does not always have to come in grand, sweeping gestures. Little positive changes that we make throughout our lives add up to create a significant impact. Change your paper card to a digital one today, and play your part in the climate revolution