In today’s modern world, networking is an important part of generating leads and growing sales. However, many sales professionals still rely on paper business cards for contact exchange, which can be inefficient and ineffective. In fact, 88% of paper business cards are trashed within one week. Imagine going to an event or meeting and running out of business cards—you could miss out on a great opportunity to connect with important stakeholders or prospects. Thankfully, there is a better way to network—digital business cards. 

What are Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards are digital versions of paper business cards that act as portable online profiles that you can easily share with others. You can use them to share your contact information, social profiles, and even your products or services in just a few taps or clicks. They’re like mini websites for yourself that you can carry around in your pocket! Plus, they’re more effective than paper business cards because they are harder to misplace, less likely to get lost in the mail, and don’t take up any physical space!

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

There are several benefits to using digital business cards over paper ones. For example, you can easily customize your digital card with images and graphics to make it stand out from the pack. You also have the ability to update your digital card quickly if any of your contact information changes (for instance if you change jobs). Finally, you can track analytics such as who has viewed your card and how often it has been shared - giving you valuable insight into how successful your networking efforts have been!


How To Get Started With Digital Business Cards

There are several ways to get started with digital business cards. offers services that help create them (link), Additionally, Touch cards offer software solutions that provide more features such as analytics tracking. Whichever card design you choose, it’s important to remember that digital business cards are becoming increasingly common in today’s professional world - so having one can give you an edge when networking for sales leads! 


Overall, digital business cards offer a great alternative to traditional paper ones when it comes to exchanging contacts at events or meetings. Not only do they help ensure that no important lead is ever lost due to forgetting or misplacing a physical card but also allow users further customization options for standing out from the crowd with their own unique design! Furthermore, being able to track usage analytics provides invaluable data about who is interested in connecting with whom - making them an invaluable tool for improving networking success in sales lead generation! With all these advantages in mind- why not switch over from paper business cards today?