Enabling effective networking

Fumbling for ways to stand out and leave an impeccable impression at the next important networking meet of your industry? Well, there are no set-in-stone rules to ace such events. Some tips to nail such networking events:-

  • Prepare your elevator pitch in advance.
  • Don’t start selling, focus on building relationships.
  • Dress appropriately and be confident.
  • Listen More, Speak Less.
  • Lastly and most importantly, carry your business cards to help you maintain contact with the people you met.

Digital Business Cards can give you an added advantage at such events, regardless of your industry. See how:- 

1.     One is Enough - Gone are the days of fretting about having stacks of business cards on you at a networking event. You no longer need to look awkward with bulging pockets full of cards. And the best part is, you can tap your digital card any number of times without the fear of running out of them.

Digital Business cards are both thin and light as credit cards, yet they can help you connect with as many people as you want.

2.     Share more Detailed Information - Go beyond the prosaic exchange of contact information, and let your individuality shine through. Touch cards allow you to share bios, social media handles, profile photos, business websites, and much more!

3.     Stand Out - Flashing your dazzling Touch cards is sure to make a distinctive first impression, which will stay on their phones for a long time to come!

4.     Single Tap & Contact Saved- Contact Information can get saved on another person’s phone instantly with a single touch and a click of a button. Paper business cards can easily get lost or thrown away. It takes effort to feed in the information by the receiver. But in the case of digital business cards, the information gets instantly saved and the potential for business and future communication increases manifold.

5.     Track your Performance - Keep track of your networking activities. The dashboard will provide information on how many people have viewed your profile, and how many have downloaded the contact on their phones. Best of all, you will have all your leads available online.

Success at a networking event isn’t a given. Getting the most out of them requires skills, confidence, preparation, and much more. But having a Touch Smart Business card will help you stand out in the crowd. It will not only help you network more effectively but will also help you streamline follow-up and improve your chances of making long-lasting connections after the event.