The success story of Star Asia Shipbroking Pte Ltd. started in 2008, when a small team of experienced brokers under the leadership of Rohit Goenka, decided to start their own brokering house in Singapore. Little did they know that their business would quickly become one of the most successful and fastest-growing boutique brokerages in the country!

The team's expertise and knowledge gave them an edge over other companies, allowing them to specialize in several areas such as dry bulk, tankers, container ships, gas vessels, and recycling markets. The business flourished with time thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers who spread the word about Star Asia's high-quality services.

But it was only recently that things got even better for Star Asia when they partnered up with Touch Digital Cards - a revolutionary contactless Smart Business Card technology provider - which has allowed them to level up their networking game by providing convenient solutions for potential clients or partners looking for information about the company without having to carry physical cards around all day long. With this new tool at hand, more people were able to easily access detailed information on what Star Asia can do for them while also being able to get connected with any member of the team through its digital platform! And so far it seems like these changes have been quite beneficial not just for customer service but also for increasing sales opportunities too!

One thing is certain: Star Asia will continue growing bigger than ever before while always keeping up with modern technologies and trends – because now more than ever we need innovative solutions that make our lives easier!