Gotti Italiano is Singapore’s latest addition to posh Italian restaurants in the heart of CBD, serving traditional Sicilian-inspired cuisine and churning iconic classic cocktails, this one is a winner. Helmed by Chef Ilham, Gotti Italiano brings Italy’s popular Neapolitan pizza to the heart of Singapore. Prepared in the iconic Moretti Forni Pizza oven all the way from Italy – you will relish each bite as if you were in Naples.

Located on Amoy Street, this popular dining spot is a lunch favorite with the affluent business community. Corporate events, business meetings, and wine events thru the months have made this a go-to dining location in the Central Business District.

Leaning on cutting-edge technology, Gotti has always been in the forefront of using tech to support its rapid business growth. From recipe management, to order taking or inventory management, the team has always explored and integrated the latest tech tools to be ahead in the dynamic Singapore F&B scene.

Gotti recently came across a common F&B problem, how to reduce recurring costs on visiting cards and have a solution that could be environmentally friendly. Moving to environmentally conscious cards was expensive and a regular recurring cost, the intention was good but the costs were high. So how did we solve this for them?

Touch Cards provided the Gotti team with tech solutions to reduce their carbon footprint as well as reduce recurring cost verticals – this way the team could make a conscious impact on the environment and save costs at the same time.

Touch cards provided them with their state-of-the-art contactless smart business cards, this immediately allowed team Gotti to not only share information about their restaurant and their executive staff but also connect with other establishments and potential customers, all this without needing physical contact or personal interaction. All clients had to do was tap the card against any modern mobile device with NFC support and all relevant information would be shared instantly!

The best part is – information could be updated at the touch of a button. Be it new phone numbers or emails – all at the tap of a button.

With these new tools in hand, we managed to put a stop to recurring outflows and have positive savings. Team Gotti can now boast of not only serving finger-licking Italian food but also having a responsible carbon-positive impact on the environment. Customer feedback has been extremely positive and we have received additional orders from Gotti’s sister concerns to enable the same solutions across their businesses.


Gotti Italiano
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78 Amoy St, Singapore 069897
11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm (Mon to Sat), Closed on Sun